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History of Tantra

Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practised today.

Some people believe, that tantra evolved from practice of yoga, which like Tantra, ia about liberating and joining.

In fact many of the physically challenging sexual positions of tantric lovemaking are actually yoga postures used for personal awakening.

Tantra is word of two parts. First (TAN)means to expand , join or weave. The latter part (TRA) means tool.

Therefore the definition of the term TANTRA has two fold meaning , a tool to expand, liberating and bring together.

TO truly understand Tantra, it has to be experienced. Tantra involve balancing the male and female energies.

What exactly is TANTRA MASSAGE?

It is massage which calculates flow of sexual energy all the senses.

Energy flows between your masseuse and transmit it to you, the client , who received the energy.

Tantra massage begins with ritual, which is very important because is preparing you perfectly for receiving this energy which you are about to felt during massage.

Tantra massage may be done to everyone without distinction of sex and religion, anyone who has desire and courage to complete this massage.

Of course there are more degrees and programs in tantric massage so that everyone can choose according to taste and self control.

If you have never tried before tantric massage we are happy to advise you already during telephone conversation or email communication or in our studio with your masseuse of your choice.

It depends also based on how much time you have for massage. Important to realize that when you decide for a Tantric massage you must define your time so you can fully enjoy it.

In our studio we have beautiful and clean environment that is ideal for regeneration and relax that you will enjoy it with all your senses. Upon your arrival to the studio on the pre-arranged time door will open your masseuse.

In the studio is just two of you so it is guaranteed absolute discretion. To break down the initial stress you will be offered non-alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is banned during massage, your senses will be intoxicated they could not feel the massage with all your senses. After short conversation and the arrangement of Tantric program massage can start.