Best tantra in Bratislava

1. level of Tantra massage: Intensive body massage

This program starts in the shower during which your muscles will warm up and you are ready to receive positive energy.

After that you are invited to proceed to massage room where is all prepared.

Music, candles, smell of warm massage oil, all is ready just for your pleasure.

Your masseuse starts massage with welcome ritual NAMASTE aimed at opening up the chakras and giving deep respect to one another.

After relieving beginning you will be gently asked to lie down on the bed. You lie on your belly.

Masseuse will cover your lover body with sarong and slowly starts massage with gentle touch.

After while start placing hot towels. It is not only very pleasant also relaxing all your muscles.

After each hot towel is followed by drying with very gentle touch.

Right after towels your masseuse will prepare your body with slow touch for hot oil.

For hygienic reasons we do not use feathers and fans. This whole body oil massage starts on the back and ends on your feet.

This massage include very original part when masseuse put oil on her body and continue massage with her own body.

During this moment is room charged with sexual energy which you both can feel with all your senses.

There will not be missed even one single part on your body, even your hands, fingers, feet, legs will feel what pampering means in the real sense.

At the very end comes the intimate zone massage woman or man which is during tantric massage perfectly natural because tantra takes the body as whole not to miss any part of it.

During massage of intimate parts can come to climax which is totally natural but not necessary because the pleasure that during massage you will experienced is totally unforgeable and so liberating that is more than likely that you will return to received it again soon. You will go through amazing break down from stress and daily duties. Of course after massage you can stay and rest for while enjoy the moment.This massage is introduction to Tantra is for all who want to know what Tantra brings and what is happening during massage itself. Other orograms are exacerbated by time and especialy according to the degree of self control of each individual.

2. level of Tantric massage: TANTRIC RAIN

Massage Tantric Rain is basically Intensive body massage but has added attractive bonus.

This program starts when your masseuse prepare a hot bath with aromatic salts to relax your senses.

When u get yourself ready in bath tub your lady will soon join you to have bath together.

During nice conversation you will received nice and relaxing feet and neck massage.

If is bath not one of your favourite activities and you still choose this program bath can be switched to relaxing and refreshing shower.

Then continues in the massage room with Body massage to your enjoyment.

3. level of Tantric massage: KING OF TANTRA

This level of tantric massage contains elements of Tantric rain but is enriched for little bonus.

It is massage of prostate.

This massage can appreciate only those clients whom like to be pampered in very special way.

4. level of tantric massage: SENSUAL TANTRA

This level of tantric massage contains very sensual elements and it should received only client who has been on tantric massage before and know exactly what tantra is because it requires huge dose of self-control.

During this program you can be not only recipients but you can also transmit energy so the feeling is mutual.

During this program not only masseuse is touching you but you can also touch her she takes your hand and exactly aiming movements are learning you art of tantra massage directly during the program so you not only energy receiving but you also giving it back.

This program is made especially for clients whom want to be not only beneficiaries but also transmitters of energy.

Of course they must have huge dose of self-control.

5 level of tantric massage

4-hand Intensive body and 4 hand Sensual tantra.

This program of Tantra massage is exactly what it say to you.

Client getting bonus of been pampered with 2 ladies at once and it is only up to him if he like to be only beneficiary and enjoy Intensive body massage or want to also transmit energy and enjoy Sensual tantra massage.

Enjoy Angels Tantra

Come and enjoy an erotic massage

Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practices today.

To truly understand Tantra, it has to be experienced. Tantra involve balancing the male and female energies.



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