Tantra massage as a form of sexual healing

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in tantric therapy, and its uses to heal problems in people’s lives. Whether people suffer from sexual or spiritual or even material blockages in their lives, more and more of us are turning to tantra to solve their issues. In response to this demand, there is a growing global community of therapists, consultants and practitioners offering courses in tantra to groups or individuals.

For example, ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), is an organisation that started in the US state of Arizona and is now established in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. It offers a week-long intense initiation into sexual therapy to groups of 30 people or more. Attendees can choose between modules of tantra, shamanism and group therapies, and focuses on so-called ‘conscious sexuality’, or somatic sex education.

Many people seeking therapy for psychological problems are choosing to use sexual therapy in the form of tantric massage as either a complimentary treatment or even a replacement to traditional psychiatry. Joseph Kramer, the most celebrated teacher of erotic massage in the world, believes that as many as 30% of the people who see psychiatrists just need to learn to masturbate better.

"The beauty of somatic sex education is how fast the body learns", according to Kramer.

"People who have been seeing psychotherapists for years can learn new behaviours in a relatively short time. Whereas with psychotherapy, there is always more work to do."

With more and more people turning to Tantra to improve their lives and solve issues they face, it looks like the future of this practice is a rosy one. Why not give us a call and see for yourself how tantra can help you get more out of life?

Halloween in Bratislava

We love Halloween, and we think Bratislava is one of the best places to enjoy it. The historic old town is atmospheric every night, and on the most spooky night of the year it is really something special, especially if you have a tantric escort by your side. So what could we do together in Bratislava this Halloween? Here are some ideas that will hopefully thrill you.

Slovaks love to party, and Halloween has become the best night of the year to do it. Bratislava has the best clubs in the country, and the friendly locals will make you feel welcome. And of course, you will be with one of us, so you are guaranteed a great time. The Club in Bratislava old town is always a great place to go to dance, listen to cool music and have fun, and their Halloween parties have become legendary. This year will be no exception, and they encourage guests to wear an appropriate costume. We can go as Dracula and his mistress, witches or any of your favourite creepy characters.

Alternatively, there is a great international Halloween party for students and anyone else who feels like taking part at the Erasmus Halloween party in the University. A competition for the best costume, great music and scary live creatures make the night something to remember. Masquerade Club is another super place to go, and this Halloween there will be costumes, music and the best cocktails in town. The club will be decked out in scary colours and decorations and we would look great coming in our horror masks.

Bratislava is also famous for its romantic restaurants and wine taverns, and Halloween is the perfect time to sample them. Modra Hviedza is a charming restaurant located in the heart of the Bratislava castle district. The cellar tables are a great place to relax over a candlelit dinner, hold hands and look into each others eyes. The food is nice, but the wines are superb and this is the nicest way to get to know each other on a chilly autumn evening.

After we are done, how about a night tour of Bratislava? We can explore the city’s history and architecture, while a guide takes us around the grounds of Bratislava Castle, admiring stunning views of Bratislava Old Town and the Danube River. After a visit to the Slovak National Theater and Philharmonic Orchestra, we will take a ride to the top of the UFO Observation Deck on the Novy Most (bridge over the Danube) and enjoy some tasty cocktails.

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Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practices today.

To truly understand Tantra, it has to be experienced. Tantra involve balancing the male and female energies.


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